I am a graduate of UQ and want to join the UQ alumni community

As a graduate of UQ you automatically become a member of the Alumni community.  Make sure we have your current contact details to take advantage of many the benefits of being a UQ alumnus.

How do I obtain a copy of my academic transcript?

In order to obtain an academic transcript apply here.

How can I join the library as a UQ alumnus?

If you would like to join the Library as a UQ alumnus go to the UQ Library site. When completing the UQ Library membership form you will need to provide your previous student number, degree and year of graduation.

How do I verify a graduate’s academic qualifications?

Qualifications from UQ can be verified at www.uq.edu.au/myadvisor/olvq. This website will give you information on how to apply for the verification online or alternatively how to apply for a manual verification.

How do I update my contact details?

You can either follow this link or email your new contact details to uqalumni@uq.edu.au including the name you graduated under and your previous contact details.

How do I identify myself as a UQ alumnus to take advantage of alumni benefits on campus?

It will depend on the organisation you are seeking the benefit as to their requirements. Most ask for a verbal response. If you are joining UQ Sport your membership/class would come under UQ Community. The UQ Library require your previous student number, degree and year of graduation.